Social Learning Lab

Stanford University

Photo credit: Patrick Gillooly/MIT News Office

Studies for Children

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo

We conduct research for infants (2-24 months) and children (2-12 years) at the Junior Museum and Zoo in Palo Alto. We have a private "game room" in the museum for our research, and you may see some of our researchers with nametags walking around the museum. Our studies involve watching simple video clips or playing with toys in a comfortable setting for a short period of time. Come say hello to us the next time you are there!

Bing Nursery School

We also run studies for young children (2-5 years) at Bing Nursery School on Stanford's campus. We play with children in the classroom and ask them to come participate in a fun game with us. There are several play rooms for research within the preschool's campus!

Studies for Adults

If you are interested in participating in our studies for pay, please register for our department-wide subject pool or look for us on mTurk. Opportunities to participate in research with us and other labs around Stanford are posted frequently.

If you are a Stanford student and are interested in participating in our studies for class credit, please request an account on our department-wide credit pool. You cannot participate in paid studies for class credit.