Social Learning Lab

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Welcome to Our Lab!

How do children learn from others? What enables humans to make inferences about other people’s mental states? And how does this ability develop over time?

At the Social Learning Lab, we study these very questions by investigating how children learn about the world through social interactions. To do our work, our lab uses diverse methods (e.g., behavioral experiments, fMRI) with human subjects of all ages.

Latest News

September 2018

The lab is looking for new student Research Assistants! Check out our contact page for more information!

July 2018

Hyo received the James S. McDonnell Scholar Award!

June 2018

Natalia attends the Latin American School for Education, Cognitive and Neural Sciences in Chile.

April 2018

The lab submitted six CogSci papers, and all were accepted.

October 2017

SLL goes to the Cognitive Development Society meeting in Portland, OR.

July 2017

Hyo Gweon & Sophie Bridgers head to CogSci 2017: London!

June 2017

Congratulations! Lab affiliate Griffin Dietz has won the David M. Kennedy Prize for best Honors Thesis for her work entitled "Children's Use of Decomposition in Problem Solving as an Early Introduction to Computer Science."

May 2017

Our new paper (Gweon & Asaba, 2017) was featured in Stanford Report!

April 2017

4/13: Congratulations! The lab submitted four CogSci papers, and all were accepted as talks.

4/6-4/8: The lab travels to Austin, TX, to share their work at SRCD.

March 2017

3/17: Congratulations! Mika Asaba wins the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

November 2016

Congratulations! Natalia Vélez presents her first fMRI poster at the Society for Neuroscience Conference.

September 2016

The lab wasn't quite ready to saw goodbye to Mika Asaba, our lab manager; instead, the lab welcomes her again, this time as a new grad student!

August 2016

The lab goes to CogSci!

June 2016

6/1-6/5: The lab attends the Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference!

May 2016

5/18: PSYCH187 field trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum!

March 2016

The lab says goodbye to our awesome research assistant, Sumudu!

February 2016

2/3: The lab cheers to submitting CogSci papers this year.

August 2015

8/20: Summer interns present their posters at the Psych Summer poster session.

June 2015

6/3: Congratulations! Undergraduate research assistants share their projects from the quarter.

April 2015

4/1: Congratulations! Our graduate students, Natalia Vélez and Sophie Bridgers, received National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships.

March 2015

3/8: SLL goes on its first lab outing to Palo Alto Jr. Museum and Zoo to learn about owls.

February 2015

2/28: The lab celebrates its first night of scanning. Special thanks to Michael and Jesse from the Grill-Spector Lab for their help.

4/1: Congratulations! Our graduate students, Natalia Vélez and Sophie Bridgers, received National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships.

January 2015

The lab welcomes Xuan Zhao, a visiting PhD student from Bertram Malle's lab at Brown.

September 2014

The lab holds its inaugural lab meeting and welcomes Sophie Bridgers, our new graduate student.

August 2014

Congratulations! Hyo is awarded the American Psychological Association Dissertation Award, Division 7: Developmental Psychology.

The lab welcomes Mika Asaba, our new lab manager, and Natalia Vélez, our new graduate student.

July 2014

The lab is born!