Stanford Developmental Labs

List of Current Studies

These studies are conducted by Stanford Developmental Labs:
Social Learning Lab
, Language & Cognition Lab,
The Markman Lab
, & The Social Concepts Lab .

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ... ?

The Markman Lab

Ages: 4

Help us decide what matches! In this game, we will look at pictures of different things -- cars, plants, insects, food -- and try to decide what matches. For example, does a plane match a bird or does it match a car? You will help us decide what matches what!


Meet My Monster Friends!

The Language and Cognition Lab

Ages: 3 - 5

In this game, children will look at different animated creatures! They will be able to decide when they are done looking at one creature and ready to move on to look at the next one. There will also be some short memory games throughout the study. We are interested in whether children’s curiosity for certain creatures reflects preferences that children have from an early age. This study uses a remote control function on zoom so that our researchers can help facilitate the experiment.